My illness or disease: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

My symptoms prior to taking DigestaCure: agitation, allergies, depression, diarrhea, digestive problems, drowsiness, fatigue, headache, high blood pressure, immune problems, insomnia, Irritability, memory loss, nausea

List any other symptoms or conditions not shown: Morning sickness, loss of appetite, chest pains, inability to get out of bed on really bad days, body aches, loss of interest/inability to participate in favorite activities, tired all the time, etc. etc.

Months 2 Weeks 3

How many capsules are you currently taking per day? 8

My symptoms that have gone away are: ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!

Started to feel better after a week, and progressively got better and better every day. After about a month I felt that I was back to 100%, but I have remained on the recovery dosage out of fear of a relapse. But after my third bottle is finished, I am going to switch to the maintenance dosage.

My symptoms that improved are: I LOVE DIGESTACURE!!!!! Digestacure saved me from a future of being bedridden and on disability in my early 30’s. I cannot thank Digestacure enough! I have also informed my doctor of my success with Digestacure, and he said that he will recommend Digestacure to his other patients with autoimmune diseases.

At this time, I would estimate that my overall condition has improved: 100%

My current most bothersome symptoms are: NO REMAINING SYMPTOMS!!!

Thank you so much for your time and conversation this afternoon.

In talking about this, John and I have agreed that this is almost unbelievable–that somebody would take the time to talk with another human being in this day and age — FREE!

This just adds more hope for John, especially, and for me, that somebody is compassionate in the ‘medical’ profession, and willing to actually have conversations with people in need – people who have not found this kind of interchange between those who claim to want to heal, but don’t seem to follow up on their ‘claim’ – except with a small amount of their time in an office, and a prescription to take home and take a ‘risk’ with!

God bless you in your work toward helping those who are truly in need of interchange with compassion and care about the ‘patient’ – you are rare in this world.