My name is Sunny Lindsay.  I’m 58 years old.
I have had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression and Fibromyalgia for almost 9 years.  I don’t ever want to have any of them again.  I was practically bed-ridden for the first 3 years.  My husband of only 1 year became a total wreck trying to do a very demanding job while seeing to my needs.  The day he told me he was leaving brings up such fear, so much loneliness.  Today, I’m reasonably happy, healthy and independent.   For those years when I would feel well and then relapse into a painful fog and back again.  I was never well long enough to do anything but research this disease for a cure.  I belonged to several support groups.  I studied what few medical papers I could find…I followed all of the new, so-called, theories that were out there being touted as truth to the unknowing.  First it was a virus in our RNA.  Then the medical community decided that was a mistake; that CFS is genetic and it became part of the DNA.  This is a very long winded note to say, thank you.

I ran across your site when doing a search for new CFS news.  I took 270 capsules, as directed and proclaimed myself WELL.  No more headaches no more relapses; no more Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  How can any person possibly be thankful enough for regaining a will to live.  I would love to get behind this product somehow.  36% of people with CFS commit suicide.  That is HUGE!  I want to see this product become well-known because I care about the (mostly women) who would rather be dead than waste away.  I was an advertising executive for Radio and TV before I became sick.  If there is anything I can do, PLEASE let me know.