We have stopped all medications from our vet with our dog whom has had digestive track problems since we adopted her. Projectile diarrhea just recently med after med no results, but to my unbelievable results just 2-3 weeks with the capsules our 4 year old female pooch is beautiful great bowel movements, and myself with different little challenges I’m 56 years old a hairstylist on my feet all day salon owner have been taking 1 a day I feel great we have been printed the pdf files and giving it to some of my challenged clients and we just sent in a second order for my wife’s girlfriend with stage 4 pancreatic cancer of 1 year we will give it a try to try and make her feel a little bit better. Good job to whomever you all are GREAT PRODUCT! Still have not made it through the book yet but we will get there.

Thank you again