I have never heard, before 2 mos ago, of anyone ever getting prolonged symptom free days, (from u colitis) much less progressively better each day.

me, in dec 13 i had emergency strangled hernia surgery, and was recovering comparatively well. considering 6 inches of my small intestine was removed. 3 days after taking digestaqure in warm mint, no more coffee, i stopped taking sulfazine, which i had been taking for 30 +. yrs, it never really seemed to help anyways…

urgency sub sided gradually by 30 days, gone, no return..

blood mucous and all that subsided gradually 30 days. last mo NONE

i suggest that instead of only testimonials, one poopy pic. = 1000 word

anybody should bet $159. against themselves and Take. Dgestaqure…

thanks to all of you, esp dr drucker