Hi, Steve, You have talked with my husband Ken a couple of times, but I’m the one with the history of ulcerative colitis. My first symptoms showed up in my late teens, though I would not be formally diagnosed until age 28. Early symptoms were fairly mild, usually more inconvenient than immobilizing. By age 28, however, I found my life controlled by my unpredictable bowels. Blood loss was significant, I had frequent urgent loose stools, and my overall health was decreasing noticeably.

I sought medical attention and was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Over the next 16 years, treatments included steroids, alfa-azulphadine (not sure if that’s exactly right), rowassa enemas, vegetarian diet, the specific carbohydrate diet, and various herbal remedies. Medically, over the years, I have been through untold numbers of colonoscopies, was advised to consider a colostomy, and was treated at University of Michigan research hospital. I also participated in a drug research project in Charlottesville, Virginia. I have been prescribed as many as 14 pills daily to cover the symptoms.

I have had periods of remission over the years, but my disease has always returned with a vengeance and has been harder to get under control with each occurrence. Other medical conditions brought on by the UC have included anemia, significant weight loss, overall weakness, and arthritis.

I began taking Digestaqure on May 4, 2009, in the midst of a moderate flair-up of UC. I admit, I was skeptical. By June 17, the 45th day, I was symptom free and feeling great. I have stayed on the maintenance dose of six capsules daily, and have been improving health-wise steadily. I have put on some weight and am healthy; my anemia is gone, my aching joints bother me much less, and I feel stronger than I have in a long time. Six months is a noticeable amount of time to be symptom free based on my history. I am hopeful that I will continue to be healthy. I enjoy a “regulation-free” diet like a normal person! Thank you!