After speaking with you today, I wanted to share my testimonial of Digestacure in hopes of possibly helping someone else with a similar condition or another autoimmune disease.

My daughter was diagnosed with Anti-GBM nephritis two years ago. At the time she was 26 and had complained for most of her adult life with so many symptoms (achy joints, sore back, extreme fatigue, sensitivity to light/sound/touch, irritability, racing heart, depression, etc.) She was finally diagnosed with kidney disease after a biopsy was performed. The doctor immediately put her on chemo, prednisone, and other medicines including shots to put her in early menopause for fear of the chemo causing infertility. We didn’t even have time to research other options as he said that it was such an aggressive disease, that in a matter of weeks she may need to go on dialysis and in need a kidney transplant. She did the treatment which naturally caused even more pain, lost handfuls of her long thick hair every time she washed it, and gained 40 lbs. from the prednisone. Now on top of everything else she was severely depressed due to weight gain. During this time (3 months) nothing improved. The doctor suggested trying another type of chemo. That’s when we said, “No, thank you!” I had been researching her condition and was in communication with several nephrologists from all over the world. They all said the same thing, chemo. I decided to seek a naturopathic doctor and at the same time I discovered Digestacure while researching on line. I brought the product to her new doctor and we incorporated it into supplements along with IV vitamen drips. I could see her improving with each new blood work and urine testing. She had to stop the IV drips because I could no longer afford it. However, she continued taking the Digestacure for probably 9 months until all her symptoms went away. She is now on maintanence, taking 4 per day. She is completely symptom free. Her new nephrologist just said to keep doing what you are doing. It definitely is not in their dictionary for treatment of this disease, but luckily this doctor does not have a big ego and is happy to see her doing so well. We thank you so much for this product…it truely saved our daughter’s life!