Dear friends at Digestacure, I am so thrilled to be writing my first testimonial to the efficacy of your fabulous product. I am or should I say was the poster boy for advanced Crohn’s disease as well as every other gastro problem any human being can have .I have suffered beyond the pale and most Doctors who have treated me for many years marveled at my ability to stay alive in the kind of pain I had to bear although I have been administered every medication and hospital stays that is part of the horror we Crohn’s victims have to endure.. Unfortunately I had tried other companies that claimed to do what you do and the end result was NO IMPROVEMENT….. It got to the point where my Doctors told me my Illium was so mangled that I could not survive another month…. I then had my illium removed and of course suffered the consequences… It was quite terrible and I could only eat gruel.

The operation was a success and kept me alive if you could call intense pain, limited food and going to the bathroom 12 times a day being cured….With all this I also run a multi million dollar company and all the stress that goes with it. Just when I was getting used to getting by with all the negative factors the intense pains returned and my Doctors told me the Crohn’s was back attacking healthy tissue and I had an advanced case of Crohn’s.. There was nothing they could do any longer except keep carving me up as the disease progressed… Thank God for the Internet…

I found you and Digestacure… It started helping me but not that quickly until  I had the good fortune of meeting your colleague ” STEVE” my saint… Steve told me to break open the capsules and mix it with water and juice… I did do that along with the pills and literally overnight felt the difference…. Without going on and making this a novel after a few months my Crohn’s after killing me for 15 years is gone… I watch my diet but being who I am eat Pizza, Veal Parmigiana, gorge myself on anything I want and instead of going to the bathroom 12 times a day just go twice and with pleasure… I am six feet tall and was 140 pounds when I started taking Digestacure.. I am now 200 pounds and the weight is where it should be and look very fit. I work out and run which I couldn’t do for years. I threw away all my many medications and there were many..

Anybody who doesn’t believe me can contact me through Digestacure if that is allowed. I do not know anyone at the company and am not getting any special privileges by sending this memo… Just knowing I can help just one fellow sufferer is worth the time.. I believe whoever will try this product will find it a tremendous benefit.. I also had a Blood sugar level of 150 in the mornings. It is now down to 100 as well as other benefits I have noticed but will not mention for fear of being a Pollyanna..

Please change your life for the better and give this amazing product a try. Don’t give up for not all cases will respond like mine so quickly.. Just remember I was dying … but I’m still here and Digestacure will keep me around a long long time

Thank you Steve wherever you may be