I’d like to share my experience regarding Digestacure. I have been in good health my whole life, but when I recently went through menopause, I started experiencing some troubling symptoms with digestion. I had acid reflux feelings for the first time in my life, and was sleeping with my upper body elevated. I also had nausea, roving abdominal pain, churning or spasms in my intestines so severe that I couldn’t sleep well, as well as frequent and loose stools, and hot, “bubbly” sensations throughout my abdominal tract. I went to my medical doctor for blood and stool testing, but nothing conclusive was found. I also went to three naturopath doctors, none of whom were able to help me “fix” the problem. I did a two month parasite cleanse, as well as several gallbladder cleanses, yet I felt no better for my efforts. Supplements like ginger or charcoal capsules did nothing to relieve my symptoms. I tried many different and expensive probiotic formulas, but they all seemed to just ferment in my gut and make matters worse. I felt like I was at my wit’s end, because I couldn’t understand how these awful symptoms could come upon me so suddenly and last for months with no relief, despite my draining my pocketbook on so-called rememdies that didn’t improve my symptoms at all.

After a particularly rough night, I searched the internet, yet again, and I came across a link for Digestacure, on the Chrone’s.net website. I called the Digestacure phone number a couple of times with questions before I ordered. The people in customer service were very helpful and informative. Their assurance made sense to me so, I placed an order.

Within about two weeks of taking the Digestacure, my digestion seemed a little better. I kept faithfully taking the product every three or four hours around the clock. My acid reflux symptoms went away completely. My bloating and abdominal pain and stool frequency were greatly improved. I have had a few “hiccoughs” in my symptoms along the way, but all in all, my symptoms, even gallbladder pain, has been drasticly reduced.

I feel like this is an excellent product that has the potential to heal basically any digestive complaint if a person is serious about wanting to improve their digestive health. I will keep on taking the product because I’ve had such positive results with it.