…TODAY, I have very little acid reflux, no joint pain, no rashes, no indigestion and heartburn.  I feel like things on my insides are “calm” and “smooth”, if that makes any sense.  I find I have more patience than I had before, and I don’t get irritated as easily as before.  I feel stronger everyday and find that I can do more, without having to rest so much. I still rest some, but just not as much as I use to. I am so excited to finish all the product, because I know I will be healed from whatever has been wrong.  I can’t wait to tell my doctor about it, that is if I ever go back to see her.  I have had a malfunctioning thyroid since 1986, and I fully expect to recover from that as well.  That is my hope and dream, to be med free at the end of my 60 days on Digestaqure. Thank you for a wonderful product, and for putting up the website and ads so I would click on it. Thank God for you and all your work that has brought about such an amazing product. Sincerely,