Feedback: Your product works exactly as you have said on your website. I love it. It has helped me more than I can say. It is truly a miracle product. My husband and I thank God frequently for digestacure. I have had severe acid reflux and hiatal hernia that I have been able to control for the last eight years by being gluten free. After an flu-like illness early this summer (2010), I ended up with roiling acid in my stomach, inflamation and pain at the top of my stomach, acidic fumes going all the way up into my sinuses which inflamed them and made me even more sick. I couldn\’t get the acid under control by my diet (eliminating meat, eggs, dairy, and sugar along with continuing to be gluten free), or by fasting with bowel cleanses. I even tryed a few antacid pills, but my commitment to natural medicine is great, and I couldn\’t stand the thought of being on pharmaceuticals. I literally cryed out to God over and over and tried many natural remedies and supplements. Finally, I felt that I was to try the internet again, and right away I found your site. It took the 30 days before I knew that I was truly getting better. After about two and a half months, I would say that! I am doing extremely well, 80-90% better. I wake up without burning in my throat, mouth, and sinuses. I can eat meat, eggs, and cheese now without problems.

Thank you for your research and for reaching out with such a great website to help people who are severely suffering from digestive disorders. I tell anyone that could possibly be helped about this product.