My husband has suffered from acid reflux and hiatal hernia for 10 plus years. He has had his esophagus stretched twice. He had an ulcer several years ago as well. I ordered Digestacure for him in April 2014, as he complained of a constant ache in his stomach and was having increasing trouble swallowing certain foods. He doesn’t take medications well but, the improvement he has had with Digestacure keeps him taking it faithfully. He thought he was ready to go on the maintenance dose a couple weeks ago, but said that night, I think you better give me the healing dose. He feels so much better and can eat what he wants without worry, although he is still cautious and stops eating when he thinks he will have a problem.

I think he will be able to go on the maintenance dose soon. If you don’t have health, your quality of life is not what God intended. We will continue to use your product and are thankful for it.